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Radioactive Minerals

On the 11th June, 2012, I took delivery of some mildly radioactive rocks from Nighthawk Minerals.  I put the ziplock bags of radioactive 'mud' under my sheets, hung the pendant rock around my neck, and put the waterstone in a approx.

Being Healthy is Wonderful!

I can't believe it's been three years since my last 'health' post - perhaps because I've been so healthy...  no sick days off at work...   maybe a cold (sometimes it is hard to tell, the symptoms are so mild) once a year or so...All you have to do to achieve the same results is get yourself some additional radiation...   the rocks sold by Nighthawk Minerals did it for me.   (And no, I don't get any commission for referring you to  them!)I do some exercise too, this is probably another good idea - currently I do a 5 km run three times a week - not very fast - it takes me 34 mins, approx..

A (sort-of) Real Cold

18th October 2015During my recent trip to England I had a cold that lasted several days and was a bit irritating.  I suppose the transition:- airplane air, time zone change (though that's not big from here!) and climatic differences finally made a chink in my immune system armour!  Oh well, it wasn't too bad and didn't affect my holiday plans.I do find it interesting that when I talk to others about not expecting to have colds every few months, most people don't seem to 'get it'.

27th May 2015

Feeling healthy, as I generally do, I sometimes forget how long it has been since I last reported here.  'No health problems' continues to be the norm.... and I love it!

17th January 2015

Just updating my previous post - a slight (and annoying!) cough hung on obstinately for a few days after my last post.  I suppose one of the few disadvantages of reducing the frequency of colds, etc., is that, when one gets even a mild one, it is even more distasteful, because one is not used to it!!   Happy New Year!

7th December 2014

I get amused looks from some of my friends, thinking that my improved health is a figment of my imagination.  So...   here I am, about 8 months after my ultra-mild cold, letting you know (in the interests of objectivity, if there ever is such a thing) that I came down with a more substantial cold last Thursday.  I found myself using quite a few kleenex (maybe twenty in a day) and experienced a headache that lasted until Friday, when I hit it with ibuprofen.  I certainly didn't feel a hundred percent, but did carry on with work and other routines without any difficulty.

22nd June 2014

I've been away to a great conference [BTW, health continues to be excellent, despite exposure to the airplane recirculated air on long flights to London (England) and Vancouver (Canada).]

28th March 2014

I don't want to sugar-coat this - so here is the latest - yes, I have had another cold, but again it was very mild and might have caused me to use an extra three or four tissues for two or three days.  No impact on my normal day to day activities...   and I keep hearing of friends being sick with fevers and being out of action for days - glad to 'pass' on those experiences, and respectfully suggest to anyone reading this:  you can avoid such misery too!

2nd January 2014

My first real cold since I began this 'experiment':  it was a mild one, and lasted just a few days.  It did not involve hundreds of tissues or interrupted sleep patterns.  Much less impact than the kind I used to get every few months.

25th October 2013

Good article dismissing all the paranoia about Fukushima:



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